Privacy Policy

At EFW Radiology, we take your privacy very seriously and we believe that it is an important part of offering you the best patient care you’ve come to expect. Access to your personal health information is available to those with a need to know in order to provide health care to you. This would include physicians, radiologists, technologists, nurses and other health professionals in order to provide seamless and excellent health care.

EFW’s Privacy Officer ensures that the collection, use and disclosure of any of your personal health information is conducted under the authorization of the Health Information Act of Alberta (HIA). EFW’s privacy practice is also tasked with ensuring that the appropriate safeguards are in place in order to provide the confidentiality and protection that your personal health information requires and deserves.

If you have any questions or concerns about the collection, use or disclosure of your personal health information you can contact the Privacy Officer at (587) 470-6449 or [email protected]

How do you manage my health records?

  • We collect your personal health information so that we can start or continue to provide health services to you.
  • The Privacy Officer is responsible for ensuring that all collection, use and disclosure is done under the authorization of the HIA.
  • Employees who collect, use or disclose your personal health information are trained on an ongoing basis on our authority to collect, use or disclose your personal health information.
  • We only disclose your personal health information according to the HIA. An example of such disclosure would be when we disclose to your referring physician in order for them to provide continuing care.

What are my rights under the Health Information Act?

Under the HIA, you have a right to the access of your own personal health information. EFW Radiology is required to make your personal health information available to you with limited exceptions. An example of a limited exception would be removing any third party’s personal health information from records to which you are entitled to access.

You also have a right to request a correction to your personal health information. Lastly, you have the right to complain or request a review of any decision EFW makes regarding your personal information as provided under the HIA.

For more information about this review process, you can contact the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Alberta at

How do I request copies of my personal health information?

EFW Radiology, as part of patient care, has routine disclosure processes in place for many records. You may be required to pay a small fee to access these records. That fee will be disclosed to you before disclosure.

Records that EFW may disclose routinely from our clinics are those that relate to your appointment on the day that you have your appointment.

For any records relating to historical appointments, you are requested to follow the process outlined below through the formal access request process under the HIA.

  • Your request must be in writing. Written requests can be sent via regular mail, email or fax. The email address is: [email protected].
  • The fax number is: (403) 541-0006
  • Regular mail can be addressed to:
    Patient Records
    EFW Radiology
    Seton Professional Centre
    #312, 3883 Front Street SE
    Calgary, AB T3M 2J6
  • We have a Request to Access Health Information form available for your convenience. Clicking on that link will provide a downloadable PDF copy of that form that you may fill out. You are NOT required to use our form.
  • There may be modest fees assessed in requesting this information.

What if I am unable to collect my own records?

We are able to mail your records to your home address. If you would like a friend or loved one to collect your records, then please click on Consent to Release Health Information form. This link will provide a downloadable PDF form for you to fill out that authorizes EFW to disclose your documents to the third party identified.

You are NOT required to use our form, but written authorization is required and our form ensures that all of the requirements for third party disclosure under the HIA are handled seamlessly.

How do I request a correction of my personal health information?

If you believe that there is a correction needed to your health information, please use this Correction Request form for that purpose. This link will also provide a downloadable form for your use.

This form is slightly different to the form for requesting access to your personal health information. There are no fees applicable to requesting a correction of your personal health information.

Generally, only incorrect factual information will be corrected on your records.

How long will the request process take?

Under the HIA EFW Radiology has 30 days to respond to your request. Under exceptional circumstances that time may be extended to 60 days. If we need more than 30 days to respond to your request, we will inform you in writing.

I have other questions that have not been answered, who can I speak with?

Please contact EFW’s Privacy Officer at (587) 470-6449 or email them at [email protected]